Unreal Generalist / VFX Artist

We are seeking a skilled and passionate Unreal Generalist / VFX Artist to join our team. As an integral part of our development studio, you will have the opportunity to work on cutting-edge projects and contribute to the creation of visually stunning and immersive experiences. If you have solid UE4, UE5, Niagara VFX knowledge then you are the one we are looking for. You will: – Design levels and environments in Unreal Engine – Work closely with the art director and other team members to understand the artistic vision and style of the project. Translate this vision into stunning environments that enhance the overall look and feel of the project. – Have to understand and follow production guidelines as well as solve design and/or effect challenges for virtual production – Utilize your artistic skills and knowledge of VFX techniques to create high-quality, realistic, and visually appealing effects such as particle systems, fluid simulations, explosions, fire, smoke, and more within the Unreal Engine. – Collaborate with the development team to integrate assets into the game engine, ensuring optimal performance and visual fidelity. This includes understanding and optimizing meshes, shaders, materials, lighting, and post-processing effects. – Optimize assets to achieve the desired visual quality while maintaining a high level of performance on target platforms. – Identify and resolve technical issues related to unreal and its VFX systems, ensuring smooth and seamless integration with other engine systems. – Collaborate with cross-functional teams including artists, designers, programmers, and animators to ensure seamless integration of unreal assets. – Communicate effectively to understand requirements and provide feedback and support throughout the development process. – Stay up to date with the latest trends and techniques in Unreal and real-time rendering. – Explore new tools and technologies that can enhance the visual quality and efficiency of asset creation within the Unreal Engine. Our Main expectations: Strong Unreal Engine experience: – Proficiency in working with Unreal Engine 4/5, including Blueprint scripting, material creation, and Niagara systems. VFX expertise: – Demonstrated experience in creating visually stunning real-time VFX for games or other interactive media. – A solid understanding of particle systems, shaders, and post-processing effects is essential. Technical skills: – Ability to optimize and implement VFX assets within the game engine. – Knowledge of performance optimization techniques and experience with real-time rendering is highly desirable. Artistic ability: – A keen eye for detail, color, composition, and visual storytelling. – Strong knowledge of animation principles and ability to create visually appealing effects. Communication and teamwork: – Excellent communication skills and the ability to collaborate effectively in a team environment. – Willingness to receive feedback and iterate on work to achieve the best possible results. Portfolio: – A strong portfolio showcasing your VFX and technical art skills. Please provide examples of real-time VFX work and demonstrate your understanding of UE capabilities. Other: – Time zone – North America or close working hours – English – Upper-Intermediate or Fluent Soft skills expectations: – Ability to work remotely – Autonomy and independence – Proactivity and idea generation – Project and Team Oriented (active communication and projects updates) – Passion to work in Games and Media Industry Nice-to-have expectations: – Experience with Lighting, Post Processing, Modeling We offer: – Experienced, supportive and friendly international team – Amazing and fun projects with key-players on the market – Fully remote contract job (we hire worldwide) – Work-life balance and flexible working schedule – Collaborative and highly creative working environment – Compensation for courses, conferences, workshops, etc. – Paid vacation and medical insurance after successful trial period pass (3 months) – Open-door culture and transparent communication with minimum bureaucracy
07-08-2023 13:20