Game Director

As a Game Director, your mission is to create a great game that players will love. You create the game’s vision and work with the team to bring it to life. You make sure the game is fun and stays on track, while guiding the team through the creative journey. You gather ideas, opinions, and input, and have the final say on the game’s creative decisions. As a hands-on and proactive leader, you bring clarity and make bold choices. You work closely with the game development team, especially the producer and discipline leads, always keeping an eye on both the big picture and the nitty-gritty details. RESPONSIBILITIES Create a clear game vision that everyone involved is excited about Make creative decisions, both big and small Inspire and support the development team’s creativity, helping them turn their ideas into reality Encourage an environment where everyone feels comfortable giving and receiving feedback Keep looking for new ideas and ways to make the game even better Understand what our players want and make sure the game meets their expectations Keep an eye on the game’s goals and make sure we’re on track to hit them Work closely with the producer to plan projects, set roadmaps, and tackle challenges together Stay up-to-date with gaming trends and competitor games, balancing what players expect with innovations to push gaming forward Help the team stay focused on the end goal. Create a plan to get there, and manage the day-to-day to move the team and game forward Give and receive feedback in an insightful and helpful way, keeping the game and team’s best interests in mind   ROLE-BASED SKILLS What we are looking for: You are able to lead the creative side of game development You spark creativity in the development team, nurturing creative energy You are able to build and lead effective teams You have excellent communication and facilitation skills What could help: You have experience with a broad array of game projects, platforms, sizes, and formats Knowledge of the development process and basic understanding of tools and engines such as Unity or Blender Familiarity with game development methodologies and tools such as Jira and Trello Soft skills Strong Communicator: You keep everyone in the loop and make people feel included Creativity: You are able to come up with original and innovative ideas and solutions or implement those from someone else Accountability: Taking responsibility for your own actions and sharing those of your colleagues Flexibility: Adapting to reach a certain goal Feedback driven: You are able to give and receive feedback in an insightful and helpful way Qualifications A strong passion for making  games At least one shipped game in a leading role You are willing & able to work at our basecamp in The Hague when required You read, write and speak excellent English Able to work 40 hours per week Are you qualified? We would much rather read your application, than miss out on a great candidate. So please apply if you are interested! CULTURAL COMPETENCIES Paladin has five core values that we’re looking for in team members: Kaizen: We make positive changes on a regular basis Spark: We leave a mark, providing a positive experience for everyone involved Wholehearted: We love the work we do, and we commit to our work Fellowship: We are in this together Autonomy: We make decisions and take responsibility for our actions   WE OFFER Being part of a highly motivated and skilled team Positive, healthy work environment 25 days of vacation and 5 additional national holidays per year Coaching, training and other opportunities for personal development Competitive salary, a pension plan, bonus scheme, participation plan and other benefits Partial remote work and flexible hours Relocation support Salary At Paladin we have a career framework set up with levels and profiles per role. The salary ranges will differ per open position depending on the placement within the framework. For this position we are open to discuss salary depending on the person and level of experience. Our take on the post-Covid work situation We value our team spirit, a healthy work life balance and company culture. This is why we adopted a hybrid structure that allows us to work from home and in the studio. We are currently coming to the office two days per week. In the future this might change, but we expect to stay hybrid. We are committed to a hybrid studio culture, so we are not offering fully remote jobs. We will offer support during the relocation process. ABOUT PALADIN STUDIOS We create games that make people smile – be it a sweet twinkle, loud laugh, or evil grin. Paladin is a game developer. Our basecamp is in The Hague. We are a team of 45+ knights and growing. Our mission is to create games with a spark, for players all over the world. We achieve this goal by being a world-class game studio with soul, that brings out the best in people. That means a studio filled to the brim with creativity, professionalism, and good vibes. Some of our recent games include: Nailed It! Baking Bash – Calling all home bakers to join in this chaotic baking competition! Cut The Rope Remastered – A remaster of the legendary Cut the Rope puzzle game! Good Job! – Climb the corporate ladder one office-themed puzzle at a time Stormbound – Tactical CCG combat with beautiful visuals My Tamagotchi Forever – The 90s reborn on your smartphone!   HOW TO APPLY Does this sound good? Awesome! To apply, please fill in the application form.
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