UI/UX Artist

APPLY TO OUR EMAIL:job@avataris.io  Possible tasks (depending on your interest and suitability): Creating the user-interface of a high-quality game; Focus on user experience (UX) and usability for different devices (2D/3D/VR/AR); Design of menu, settings, character customization tools, etc; If possible,work with Unity 3D and its UI system; Work on special effects and animated UI; Creating promotion videos (Adobe Premiere); Logo, button and illustration design (vector graphics); Designing our webpage and game store appearance. Your skills/experience: Important: Lots ofexperience with typical artist tools and 2D graphic programs (Adobe, etc.); Experience with Unity is a great advantageand needed for some tasks above; Depending on the area of responsibility (see above) the relevant experience; Passion for game development; Problem-solving oriented, proactive and high-quality awareness. Advantageous: Unity Assets; Education in graphic design / UX / UI or usability; English & team experience; German language. The advantages of our job offer: Eventually leading position in a rapidly growing company with big goals; Varied work with a lot of personal responsibility and decision participation; Strong appreciation of your performance and great influence on product development; Acquire highly sought-after skills and experience (focus on future technologies); We are a promising pioneer in gaming and avatartechnologies; Our high market potential allows rapid salary increases; Very flexible work hours and remote working. Payment will depend on your qualifications, but we offer a salary that you will find enticing, as we think that a top team deserves a top salary. We also pay performance-based bonuses and try to meet all your expectations in order to create the idealworking conditions.   APPLY TO OUR EMAIL:job@avataris.io
13-01-2022 15:40