Game Developer (UE4)

Enversed Studios, a creative production studio and frontrunner in the field of virtual reality and other immersive media is growing rapidly and ready to continue to widen our horizons. Thanks to the power of game technology, we develop and innovate within a wide range of industries. From high-end entertainment experiences to virtual training courses and simulations. With national and international projects around the world, we keep on innovating our techniques by customizing each project (games, training, simulation, and visualization) into our clients’ wishes. Your focus will be programming gameplay features for a networked environment through UE4 Blueprints, but you will also be expected to assist in the design of the project as a whole. Let’s find out whether your dedication and mindset fit our needs: Responsibilities Participating in design of projects Creation of game mechanics with Unreal Engine Blueprints Creation of supporting systems such as development tools and distribution systems Implementation of assets in Unreal Engine Review of programming/art work created by team members Close collaboration with developers of other specializations Attitude Proactively seek feedback to ensure accuracy and quality standards are met Contribute ideas toward all aspects of project’s production and development Interest in improving and expanding your professional skillset Essential skills & knowledge HBO bachelor or similar in Game Development, Software Engineering, or Computer Science Ability to deliver clean and structured work Ability to quickly understand existing systems and debug them Ability to quickly learn new technologies and programming techniques Excellent problem-solving and communication skills Experienced with working in networked environments Experienced with Unreal Engine and Blueprint scripting Good written and verbal skills in English Desirable Experience as a developer in the games industry Experience with Virtual Reality Experience with C++ Experience with Python Experience working with AWS or other cloud providers Pro’s During work hours you have the possibility to follow courses to improve your skills During work you have the possibility to work on self-proposed R&D projects Access to our VR-experience center outside operating hours Monthly company drinks You are allowed to work from home for a part of the week Some flexibility in work-hours Our projects would be nothing without our development team. Every single day they give their best efforts in making outstanding visuals to give our clients the jaw-dropping sensation, we always go that extra mile. Are you a multiskilled talent by heart and a game developer by choice who is ready to create anything possible in VR? Apply today and we will prepare your desk tomorrow!
21-07-2021 13:45