Principal 3D Animator

Principal 3D Animator We are Force Field, an award winning and industry leader in the development of VR games and experiences. Are you up for the challenge of boosting our animation team? As we kick off development of our most ambitious AAA project to date, featuring realistic combat action and characters, we want to recruit a seasoned animation expert that can aid us in our mission to redefine the quality bar of mobile VR. To make this happen we need you! You are a game industry veteran who has expert understanding of realistic human and creature animation and in-depth knowledge of a Maya to Unreal Engine 4 pipeline. You excel at creating and implementing state of the art mo-cap and hand-keyed animations, blend shapes, setting up blend trees and tweaking them to perfection. You are an inspirational leader who mentors the animation team, and effortlessly collaborates with artists, designers and programmers. You champion will animation across the studio and use it to leverage overall visual quality of our products.   KEY RESPONSIBILITIES: * Boost Force Field’s animation capability to become an industry leader; * Create benchmark creature, character and object animations; * Collaborate across discipline to define our animation pipeline from rigging and animating in Maya to creation of Animation Blueprints and State Machines in UE4; * Set the animation style whilst maintaining the right balance between aesthetics and gameplay; * Push to adopt new and innovative tools, pipeline improvements and workflow optimizations; * Motivate and mentor the animation team to be hungry for growth in artistic and technical ability. DESIRED SKILLS AND EXPERIENCE: * Excellent eye for core animation principles (timing, weight etc.); * Knowledge of both hand keyed and motion/facial captured animation; * Capable of different animation styles (realistic and cartoony); * Strong knowledge of character animation within UE4; * Advanced rigging & skinning knowledge in Maya; * Demonstrable experience of creative and technical leadership on a AAA product. BONUS SKILLS AND EXPERIENCE: * Working knowledge of VR development and its unique challenges; * Modeling & texturing knowledge (to advice 3D modelers on deformation); * Experienced with automated rigging tools in Maya. ABOUT YOU: * You are an ambitious and experienced senior, lead or principal 3D game animator; * You are creative, yet organized; * You’ve experienced at least three full production cycles on a high-quality game project in a similar role; * You’ve shipped at least one AAA title in a similar role. WHAT WE OFFER: * A culture that values a healthy work-life balance; * Studio location in the heart of Amsterdam; * Flexible working hours; * Benefits according to experience and job; * 26 Standard vacation days with an option to buy 5 more; * A healthy lunch buffet with regular hot meals and specials; * 30% Income tax ruling for eligible expats; * Relocation cost compensation depending on your situation; * Free pension plan; * Free train commuting when living outside of Amsterdam; * Group activities and an annual VR game jam; * Friday afternoon drinks; * The latest VR hardware which you can borrow and take home.
23-12-2019 16:07