UX Designer and -researcher (jr+)

Job Purpose: The purpose of this role is to grow usage of our products by developing UX solutions that better meet the needs of our users, and fill gaps between their expectations and the current capabilities of our products. Main responsibilities: ● Identify the right user expectations; translate user needs into experience ● Deliver effective user experience models ● Deliver options to teams by providing information through low and mid-fidelity renderings and clickable prototypes ● Research and understand our customer's needs and behaviors and identify the right problems to solve in order of priority based on impact ● Run usability tests to test the effectiveness of UX options Secondary responsibilities: ● Develop user surveys to get information from potential users ● Gather, collect and analyze quantitative data using Google analytics ● Document personas, user journeys, top tasks and other deliverables ● Input to overall product strategy and product roadmap of the organisation...
12-09-2019 15:34