Level Designer

Due to our recent successes, we are looking to grow the team with an experienced level designer. This role will play a critical part in the development of a new console game, our most ambitious project to date. Level design is where the rubber hits the road. The level designer creates high quality levels that provide a great player experience. They make sure that the games’ levels and content align with the vision, that the levels hit the “sweet spot” between challenge and ease-of-use, and most of all that the levels have a “spark” of awesomeness that creates pleasant surprises and memorable moments. OUTCOMES Great game experiences that invite players to embark on a remarkable and memorable journey. Innovative levels that challenge and delight the player. Excellent teamwork within a multidisciplinary team of artists, programmers and other designers. Level designs that seamlessly weave the narrative, themes and mechanics of the game together to create a compelling and engaging gameplay experience. Single levels from early concept to final product, in line with the production and design pipeline. Sets of levels from early concept to final product, that create an intuitive difficulty flow throughout the entire game and that aligns with the player’s incremental mastery of the game. Concise and clear documentation that communicates well and resonates with the game’s vision. Active contribution to other facets of game design and game production. Active contributions to the design team with feedback and other improvements. ROLE BASED COMPETENCIES Strong UX and level design skills. A deep understanding of the technical and creative level design process. Hands on experience with Unity or similar game engines. Excellent communication skills, and the ability to work well in a team. Creativity, foresight and imagination to flesh out a game’s content in its whole. Ability to “step into the player’s shoes” and a strong focus on the User Experience. Ability to deliver high quality work within allocated timelines. QUALIFICATIONS A strong passion for making and playing games. 2+ years of game design experience, with experience in level design. Experience as a level designer on multiple shipped products. Excellent verbal and writing skills. Outstanding presentation and communication skills. Read, write and talk excellent English. Able to work 40 hours per week at our office in The Hague Understanding of Dutch is a plus CULTURAL COMPETENCIES Paladin has six core values that we’re looking for in team members: Synergy: We combine our individual strengths to achieve our goals. Kaizen: We make positive changes on a regular basis. Spark: We leave a mark, providing a positive experience for everyone involved. Wholehearted: We love the work we do, and we commit to our work. Adventure: We go off the beaten tracks. Autonomy: We make decisions and take responsibility for our actions. WE OFFER Diverse and challenging projects A place in a highly motivated and skilled team and an ambitious company Positive, healthy work environment Coaching and plenty of opportunities for personal development A high degree of freedom and responsibility Competitive salary and benefits We work in autonomous development teams of 6-12 people. This ensures tight communications, a real sense of ownership and truly agile development. In our weekly round table meetings, all aspects of the company are discussed. We believe in transparency and autonomy, and this creates a high degree of freedom and responsibility. (Note that this is not for everyone, so please only apply if this concept appeals to your inner pirate!). For more information, see paladinstudios.com and paladinstudios.com/blog. ABOUT PALADIN STUDIOS We create games that make people smile – be it a sweet twinkle, loud laugh, or evil grin. Paladin is a game developer based in The Hague, The Netherlands. We are a team of 55+ knights, and growing fast. Our mission is to create games with a spark for players all over the world. We achieve this goal by being a world-class game studio with soul, that brings out the best in people. That means a studio filled to the brim with creativity, professionalism, and good vibes. Some of our recent games include: Stormbound – Tactical CCG combat with beautiful visuals My Tamagotchi Forever – The 90s reborn on your smartphone! Amazing Katamari Damacy – Endless roller based on the cult hit Momonga Pinball Adventures – An epic pinball adventure Galaga Wars – The classic arcade hit re-imagined We are currently working on our next generation of games, focusing on console, PC and mobile platforms. HOW TO APPLY Does this sound good? Awesome! To apply, please fill in the application form here. First come, first serve. Please link to your portfolio and CV, or add them as attachments.
29-04-2019 12:28