3D Game Artist

Codeglue is looking for a passionate and talented 3D game artist that loves to create amazing artwork and loves to work in a highly creative and agile studio. What exactly are we looking for (the must-have part)? Since we are a small team, versatility is a must. We like people who can combine 2D and 3D skills and can assist in every aspect of game art creation, from sketching to concept art and from modeling and UV mapping to texturing. Making all of the art in a game come together can be tough. That’s why we are looking for an artist that can develop an artistic vision of a game and has a good understanding of basic graphical principles, such as  light, shadow, color theory and form. You are strong in your communication skills and have the capability to address art design, art direction and artistic elements with your peers and maybe external artists; Demonstrable skills in our most relevant software are a must. We work with Unity, Maya, Zbrush and Photoshop so skills and knowledge of those software packages are more than appreciated. A flexible art style. We work with different visual styles and methods all the time. This is quite a big thing to demand from an artist but if you can adapt your art to fit different visual styles, you are that much more valuable to our company.   You can score bonus points if you have acquired the following skills: It would be great if you have a few years of game industry experience under your belt, but don’t be afraid if this is not the case. We have more software on our shelves. If you know your way around Substance Painter & Designer experience, that would be great! And maybe we’ll start using Unreal later this year. Who knows? It’s already great that you can create a great looking 3D character, but you can extra impress us when you can make it come to life by rigging and animating it! Sometimes our game designer needs a little help, so maybe you can help him with dress the level with 3D props and light it nicely to create the right atmosphere?   So after all our demands, what do offer in return? We’ll make sure that you work on challenging and fun projects with highly passionate coworkers. You’ll find your desk in a creative but professional environment with lots of plants to charge your brain. We’ll offer you a competitive salary and benefits. You’ll have a high degree of freedom and responsibility. We’re not babysitters. We’re not all work, fun is important too. We do Internal game jams, we have board game nights (DnD, anyone?) and other company activities… Our studio is located in the heart of Rotterdam, with bars and restaurants all around you. Hello Friday drinks!   Now, don’t go running for the hills if this doesn’t describe you in detail! To be honest, finding somebody that has all these qualities is rare. If even one of the above properties describes you or if you think you are just so good that we need to see your portfolio anyway, please contact us! We look at every application and portfolio seriously! Please submit your cover letter and resume to: [email protected]. Codeglue Attn. Peter de Jong Goudsesingel 178 3011 KD Rotterdam The Netherlands www.codeglue.com www.facebook.com/codeglue www.twitter.com/codeglue
18-03-2019 16:37