Gamemaker Studio Programmer

Tweetal Studios is looking for a motivated, avid programmer with excellent skills regarding Gamemaker Studio 1.x The team is working on an entirely new, 2 dimensional cinematographic shoot ‘m up experience for a wide array of devices including Nintendo Switch, PC and possibly others. The goal is to showcase the project to a big audience, but not before a couple of essential tasks have been resolved. Requirements: – Dedicated programmer by heart, coding in GML – Working in fast iterations, design thinking – Located in the north of the Netherlands, the closer to Groningen you are, the better Plusses: – Experience with scrumming and deadlines – Being able to work in a small team at a high pace What we offer: – A temporary, project based position within a young, motivated and independent game development team – Ample compensation for hours spent, with a possible future collaboration – Working space at an inspiring environment What we need: – 2D fake physics* – Shaders to modify background assets – The creation of a simple level editor (to be used by the development team) with functions that apply to the in-game parallax, looped scrolling and scaling – Implementation and optimization of large external sound- and background assets – The creation of a simple lighting system – Implementation of various shader effects like: ray tracing, gaussian-blurring and heatwaves (to be discussed) – Smooth room to room transitions – Optimizing existing systems – Possible bug fixing * NO Box2D physics!
05-03-2019 16:14