Technical Game Designer

We’re looking for a highly collaborative, passionate and skilled technical game designer who is up for the challenge of implementing gameplay mechanics for a AAA title. The Technical Game Designer candidate will be able to create concepts for gameplay, implement gameplay mechanics within a game engine and is able to iterate quickly within a dynamic and continuously changing environment.   Essential Duties: –  Coordinating and implementing special case gameplay scenarios based on the high level game design. –  Owning specific scenarios: creatively iterating on the design and polishing the gameplay experience by collaborating closely with other designers, environment artists and programmers –  Visual scripting to create gameplay mechanics. –  Prototyping gameplay and bug fixing all with a AAA engine. –  Playtest and iterate to solve game design problems in a highly collaborative and changing environment Competencies, Skills & Knowledge: –  Communicates with directness/candor and is adept at conflict resolution –  High standards of respect and values strong teamwork –  Adapts swimmingly to changing circumstances –  Positive thinker with an ambitious drive towards quality and success Essential Requirements: –  2-3 year game industry and development experience. –  Strong understanding of programming and AAA engines, editors and scripting tools. –  Strong methodology and problem solving ability with a focus on creative, fun and innovative solutions –  Strong and effective communication skills and organizational ability –  Exceptional team player with the ability to collaborate without losing sight of the gameplay vision –  Willingness to take design direction –  Working knowledge of Maya & Photoshop. –  Experience with 3D level editors such a Unreal 4 and/or other AAA engines   Portfolio submission is required for this position. Please focus this portfolio on personal contributions to your projects.   Plusses: –  Interest in the technical aspects of AAA game development –  Experience of developing third-person action games preferred –  Good sense of cinematography and pacing –  (Native) Dutch speaker   Interested? E-mail: [email protected]  By sending your CV and motivation, you agree that your data will be recorded in our database for 1 year and will be automatically deleted after 1 year. Your data is used only for recruitment and selection purposes. You may revoke this consent at any time, by sending an e-mail to: [email protected]For more information see our Privacy Policy.  
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